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Sean Taylor's Gunner....

So based on a news article posted on a Canadian website, I was able to track down one of the 4 arrested dickheads that broke into S. Dot's house. (took 15 minutes of searching through all the 'Eric Rivera' profiles, but I found it). I created a phony myspace account and asked to be a friend. Supposedly the pictures on his profile are him rolling around in his bed with $100 bills and lots of intelligent stuff like that.

Its rumored Ken and Megan do this with Dylan when then change him but until we have some proof, I'll just go ahead and say it is a fact. I'll post more if I get in.

So here is Mr. Florida...aka, Eric Rivera's My Space page (the one pictured on the far left above and he is the one who has confessed to shooting Sean). To give you a brief blurb from his my space: "choppa city "Goon" pussy's "Nigga im Mr. Florida, fuck what u talkin bout and what u heard, nigga come see me" IM IN THE MURDA CAPITAL, FIND ME PUSSY HAHA". I would love to see how Mr. Cannon or Mr. Burke would deal with one of this guy's homework essays.

To try to end on a good note, here is video of arguably (in reality a fact) one of Sean Taylor's best hits of all time (in the pros). It came in the Pro Bowl.