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Clinging to the playoffs viewing guide

Update #2 by BnG: checked the Cardinals loss off the list.
Update by Burgundy and Gold: Who needs tiebreakers? Here are the conditions for the Redskins making the playoffs:
  • A Cardinals loss (they are losing by 24 against the Seahawks right now) plus
  • Any one loss by the Saints (@Atlanta, Arizona, Phildalphia, or @Chicago), and most importantly
  • run the table against the Giants, the Vikings, and the Cowboys.
The Redskins can probably somehow make it with two wins, but this is the most likely route.

I still cling, perhaps hopelessly, hopefully not, to the possibility that Your Washington Redskins squeeze into the playoffs for an opportunity to postpone the dreaded offseason, if only for a few weeks. Actually if we make it in we will win the Super Bowl, I said it. Right now we sit 9th though have a tie breaker over both the Cardinals and the Lions ahead of us. Enormously complicated tie breaking procedure is here, but know that head-to-head weighs heavily in all situations. We're not going to have to deal with division tie breakers since we won't catch the Giants, so in all likelihood it will be us battling with the Cardinals, Lions, and Vikings.

So who do we root against? The Cowboys are currently losing to the Lions. Settle down, there's plenty of game left. I think the Cowboys will pull it off, though I can't watch since that would put me in the uncomfortable position of rooting for a hated rival. Not going to happen.

I'm not smart enough to figure out whether the Eagles need to lose another game for us to beat them in the wild card race, but I'll assume that to be the case. Currently the Eagles are beating the Giants 7-0. If some smarty pants reader(s) would like to assist me in working out tie breakers, I'd be much indebted to you. Does it matter?

The Seahawks host the Cardinals today in what presumably will be a Seahawks win, barring some intervention by the Any Given Sunday Gods. We just need them to lose one more game through the rest of the season (and we need to win all ours -- no easy task) and we'll be fine against them.

Minnesota travels to San Fransisco today in a game that's probably the least worrisome of the bunch. We get to play the Vikings in two weeks. If we win then, we will have taken the Vikings down to 7 losses regardless today's decision, and will have firmly established our tie breaker against them.

You also might want to watch the Broncos hosting the Chiefs.  Why do I care? Does the outcome matter one bit? No, but where Gus Johnson goes, I follow. The guy straight up casts some broad.