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Jason Campbell probably out for the season

Unless JC is some kind of injury recovering wunderkind, or unless we make it to the Super Bowl with gritty veteran seasoned warrior Todd Collins, right? our backup quarterback, Campbell has likely saw field for the last time this year Thursday against Da Bears. Good cop:

An MRI on Campbell's dislocated kneecap revealed that the injury probably would not require surgery, coach Joe Gibbs said yesterday...

"We're taking things day-by-day and week-by-week," said Campbell, standing on crutches with a brace around his left leg. "We'll see how things improve over the next couple of weeks. The thing I have to do right now is stay off it as much as possible and let the swelling get out of it and see what happens."

Bad cop:
Campbell was told that he likely would be out four weeks, according to sources close to the player, and the Redskins (6-7) have just three regular season contests remaining.
No surgery is great news because, and I'm no big city doctor, it increases the likelihood of a full recovery. Right? Hold me.

Dislocated kneecap? I can think of a lot of injuries I'd rather have than a dislocated kneecap, which sounds ouch. It is ouch, from someone who might know, emphasis added:

Dislocation of the knee cap is often caused by sports injuries or overstrenuous exercise. For example, a sudden change of direction when running, a sharp blow (such as a kick) or a fall may all dislocate the kneecap... Once the kneecap has been dislocated, it may happen again fairly regularly. Although subsequent dislocations may cause less immediate severe pain and swelling, they may cause chronic pain over a long period.
Why do you toy with me, online British doctors?
Kneecap dislocation is a fairly common injury. It is painful and almost always requires medical attention, although sometimes the kneecap returns to its proper location unaided. The injury is seldom permanently disabling and usually heals completely.
Visual aid:

I would post an actual picture of a dislocated kneecap, but puke is bad for your keyboards. Go search Dislocated Knee on Google images and enjoy yourself.

Get well soon, Jason.