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Costly victory

The word on Jason Campbell:

"It's extremely tough," Gibbs said of Campbell's injury. "We've got a young guy that's working so hard progressing for us. But I think the good news is they don't think it's ligaments, and I'm hesitant about saying anything more than that."
I would be extremely skeptical if told that Campbell will play next week. It could be a while, but I'm no big city doctor. And, uhhhhm...:
By the fourth quarter, one Redskins starting cornerback, Fred Smoot, was throwing up blood in the locker room, watching on television as the Redskins attempted to hold onto their lead.

The other starting corner, Shawn Springs, had a lingering back injury and wasn't even supposed to be on the field; when he arrived at FedEx Field last night, his locker was bare, and he had to find and unpack his equipment himself.

Redskins defensive tackle Cornelius Griffin, meantime, looked down in the fourth quarter and saw blood streaming from a gash in his right forearm.

We also got Randy Thomas back for the first time in weeks, only to see him bounce with an elbow injury. If our season weren't on the line, I would characterize last night's game as a "victory" but due to its import we'll ixnay the quotation marks.

No big shakes, but Todd Collins is now a higher rated passer than Tom Brady in 2007. Anyone else find it interesting that Mark Brunell is the 3rd string quarterback? I'm not complaining given the game that Collins had, but that one surprised me a bit. Also, go watch highlights from last night's game here; it opens with disastrous looking Todd out there single hopping a pass and fumbling the ball (and jumping away from it, as if it were a grenade) and then all of a sudden dude goes off and starts throwing laser beams.