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Today, we win a football game

Update [2007-12-7 0:7:3 by Skin Patrol]: It is past my bed time. The important thing to remember is that Redskins win! I don't know how the coaching staff did it, with Todd Collins, due to an injury against Jason Campbell, on a short, emotional week, in the snow, uphill both ways, naked, with wolves about, but we won. We won. Season is not yet officially over, which means manana is a new day. HTTR
Update [2007-12-6 21:44:25 by Skin Patrol]: I successfully strangled the fat lady. Shawn Springs just got a pick, Todd Collins -- Todd fucking Collins -- immediately converts to Todd Yoder. The Todds!
Update [2007-12-6 21:42:54 by Skin Patrol]: While I try and strangle the fat lady, you guys worry about Jason Campbell leaving the game permanently and Todd Collins throwing passes, er, fumbling with less than 2 minutes remaining in the 1st half so that Chicago can be blessed with points.
That prediction actually makes us a 55.8% dog (that could be wrong, I can't add or subtract because I'm a dumbass) since that's the clip at which I'm picking losers against the spread. I suck.

So what's happening elsewhere? Although I've effectively given up, Hog Heaven says we win out we play after the regular season. I don't think that's wrong, I just think it's unlikely that we win out. That said, if we do, I think Greg is correct. The playoffs for the Redskins start tonight in the sense that once we lose, we're out. Make sure to stop by Windy City Gridiron if you're curious about today's opponents. Statistical FYI from Redskin Report. The last time we beat the Bears, 2005, we did not score a touchdown. Sweet. This is what it looks like when sharks eat their own (can you smell it?):

This is what it looks like when people do. It appears as though the suspects in Sean Taylor's murder want to distance themselves from one another. That might be difficult. In a related story, Colin Cowherd proves that you can't spell "mishandled" without ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME. Jesus H. Monkey Fist, he can't even be wrong without reminding us how awesome he is. A sampling of Cowherd contrite, but not really, emphasis added:

I'm Bill O'Reilly, for better or worse. I'm Rush. I'm a daily opiner. I don't have the luxury of sitting back and waiting for stories to develop. The day Sean Taylor died we held off on it, respect to his family. The day of his funeral we held off on it. but the e-mails overwhelmingly suggested you wanted opinions, and so I tried to create the most reasonable opinions.
You're a daily opiner? So is that to say that any single one of your listeners, any human being, ever, in the history of humankind, has gone an entire day without holding at least one opinion for a fleeting moment? Colin Cowherd is unique (he's an unmatched dickhead, for instance) but not because he has opinions daily. You did not research properly, Colin. You didn't ask teammates what 21 had been about for the past year and you didn't bother to investigate the circumstances of his prior arrests. If a lack of luxurious time is what prevented you from doing the research, maybe you should have just shut the fuck up from minute one. Bla.

Oh yea, the game. I hope you have the NFL Network, if not, hit up the bars. Here's the company line.