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I get defensive about Adam Archuleta

Because he certainly won't. Get it? Do you get it? I mean, do you get it? What I'm saying is I have a low opinion of Archuleta's ability to play D.

Remember that we play the Chicago Bears tomorrow and Windy City Gridiron is the place to go for all Bears related info. It appears as though they're maybe kind of sort of working on a long term deal on Lance Briggs, who was once upon a time a potential Redskin. A once upon a time actual Redskin was Adam Archuleta, who is also a Chicago Bear. While I appreciate his kind comments about Sean Taylor, I think we all know (as well as anyone in the league) that he's just not the best defensive player around (Archuleta, that is). For instance, in 2006 the Chicago Bears were the 2nd best defense in the league, per FO. They'd been a top 10 defense the previous two years per that metric as well, including a #1 ranking in '05. Right now, 14th.

In 2005 Your Washington Redskins were 4th, ditto in 2004. In 2006 we finished last. And now we've rebounded to 13th. The X factor in both instances, I'd argue, was Adam Archuleta. He is just bad enough to truly ruin an entire defense because he really can't do anything right. As RosenBlog points out, and this should be very familiar to us:

The Broncos go for it on fourth-and-5 from Bears' 28, and Cutler hits Marshall for 12. Next play, Cutler runs the option, pitching to Hall for a TD run through Adam Archuleta's attempt at a tackle. If Archuleta can't tackle a running back -- we already know he can't cover -- then what good is he? Think about that: The Broncos went for it on fourth-and-5, and after converting it, they run the option for a score. Tell me you wouldn't give your left lung for the Bears to try that kind of creativity even once.
That's him missing tackles. Here's him in coverage:
Tony Scheffler is split wide. Archuleta is on him in single coverage. Someone should've alerted DCFS before the snap. Scheffler goes deep, Archuleta commits pass interference. No flag. No matter. Scheffler comes down with a 41-yard reception. Scheffler finished the series by beating every Manning on the roster and getting lucky when he caught the ball with his thighs in the end zone to give the Broncos a 34-20 lead.
I mention this because I'm right about once every 7 years, and I'm not about to let this get away from me. Back in August I wrote sarcastically that Archuleta was "Very reliable against the deep ball. Great coverage skills. One of the greatest safeties in history. I'm terrified of having to face him come December." A reader of another blog (and mine, apparently) commented:
having read your thoughts last offseason  about the bears, the skins, the league; not sure how much the sarcasm is even worth much.
(Oh wow what a great audience, very much.) I don't know if he feels the same way today, but others don't. And while I can't blame him for pointing out how much of an idiot I am -- which is true 99% of the time -- he did miss the mark completely on this one. Of course, now having said that Adam Archuleta is going to get 6 forced fumbles and an interception against us tomorrow, but that won't negate the fact that he's a parasite on any defense just waiting to eat his way out of the host while taking their precious organs with him. I've heard he's great at the line of scrimmage though.

I just had to get that out of me. Changing gears, people really, really suck. I'm talking about person who tried to profit off Sean Taylor's death by selling programs from his funeral thus:

The rest of the people (general public) MAYBE got their hands on a couple hundred of these, so you may NEVER get another chance to get one. If you are a Redskins fan, Sean Taylor Fan, or UM fan, this may be a nice addition to your collection. This is a REAL one, not a copy. It was received by me at the service, at approximately 12:30PM on Monday 12/3/2007. Winner will receive the booklet, which has a synopsis of Sean's life, a nice collection of small pictures of Sean on another page, and a list of thank-you's on the back cover.

Incidentally, it was a VERY moving service, especially when Levar Arrington went to speak - I think he moved the entire arena with his words. Sean, rest in peace - you will be sorely missed in this world.

I suppose that God wanted the absolute best safety for His team.

Fortunately, eBay had the good sense to remove this marketing mayhem from their site, or at least that's what I gathered. You don't try and honor Taylor's name while simultaneously trying to church up the price of your ill-gotten memorabilia. Scum, scum, scum.

In other scum related news -- or not, Americans are entitled to the presumption of innocence, and this guy is an American -- the attorney for 17 year old Eric Rivera (who is the alleged triggerman) wants to end this trial as quickly as possible:

An attorney for the 17-year-old accused gunman in the killing of Washington Redskins star Sean Taylor said Wednesday he wants to work with prosecutors to resolve the case. Sawyer Smith, who along with his father Wilbur is representing Eric Rivera, said his client was admitting no wrongdoing yet.

"When the State Attorney's Office is ready, we would like to sit down and begin discussion with them so we can move towards a resolution in the case that has the best interest of all parties in mind," Smith said. "We want to minimize the impact of case resolution on the Taylor family and find a result that's in the best interest of justice."

In other words, his client is ready to talk, talk, talk about the other defendants. My understanding is that confessions already exist, so unless the defense is looking to challenge their admissibility, I'm not sure what the State Attorney's Office has to gain from bargaining. But then again, what do I know about a criminal investigation? Maybe confessions aren't as slam dunk as my intuition insists they must be.

If you shot the sheriff, the only point yet to be determined is whether you also shot the deputy, right?