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Returning to and from

Returning from injuries, perhaps are three important Redskins:

Coach Gibbs said several players told him they are definitely returning for this game, without specifying.

Guard Randy Thomas (triceps), a key offensive cog, stopped of short of saying he will return Thursday, but sounded swfully optimistic.
"Mentally, I'm there," Thomas said. "Physically, I'm there, And we've got to win this game. I can't wait."

Fullback Mike Sellers (back) practiced fully Gibbs said and it's clear he will make every attempt to play, though the team will have to assess his condition tomorrow after finally getting back on the field today.

The third player back is actually a toss-up between James Thrash, Shawn Springs, and Antwaan Randle-El. I figured one of them has to return. It is difficult to name which one of those players we need the most, as I don't want to short change what Mike Sellers does for our running game or what Shawn Springs does for this defense. But I'd have to say that Randy Thomas is the biggest loss as I maintain that he is the best offensive lineman on the team. Our running game has struggled mightily without him and we've had a lot of trouble replacing him at that guard position. He picked a bad year to get injured as well, since Derrick Dockery left us in free agency.

Can he return 100%? I don't know, really, but I'll take an incomplete Randy Thomas over a lot of 100% starters in the league.

Returning to is Sean Taylor and the Pro Bowl. Go vote. Ben points out that the reason to do this isn't "tribute", but rather:

Do it because he was the fiercest hitter in the league since Ray Lewis. Over the three plus years we watched him play for our team it was obvious that his gravity affected the play around him. The phrase 'hearing footsteps' does not do Sean's hitting ability justice, it is more like 'hearing that freight train.'
I agree. Sean Taylor doesn't deserve to be in the Pro Bowl because he died. He deserves to be in the Pro Bowl because he earned it.

Bears this Thursday, short week and I'm swamped getting Law Schooled. Help me out with some diaries, why don't you, and maybe I'll promote them to the front page.