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Blogger Deathsport Week 17

The regular season comes to a close with a bunch of meaningless games.  TEN and WAS control their destiny in their respective Wild Card races, while TEN, MIN, and NO need help.  Who would of thought that in Week 17, the Browns even had a shot at the playoffs.  Big ups to Romeo and his team.

SD and PIT are fighting for 3rd in the AFC, hoping to avoid going to Foxboro in the 2nd round of the playoffs.  The "winner" gets a trip to Indy to visit the defending champs.  That aside, playing JAX in the 1st round will be a challenge.

Without further ado, this week's picks:


NE (-13.5) @ NYG - 0-1 to start the week.


STL @ ARZ (-6)


CAR (-3) @ TB

CIN (-2.5) @ MIA

SF @ CLE (-12)

DET @ GB (-5)

JAX @ HOU (-6.5)

MIN (-3) @ DEN

NO (-1.5) @ CHI

KC @ NYJ (-6)

BUF @ PHI (-8)

PIT (-3) @ BAL

SD (-8.5) @ OAK

TEN (-5) @ IND

DAL @ WAS (-9)

SP's late, as usual.