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Mike Sellers cannot be concussed

We all had a scare last weekend when Big Huge Mike Sellers appeared to injure his head -- he had a concussion apparently, but who believes those crafty doctors -- and had to leave the game. Per the Post:

Washington Redskins fullback Mike Sellers played down the concussion he suffered early in the second half of Sunday's win over the Minnesota Vikings, saying that he never lost consciousness, that he felt healthy enough to reenter the game and that the injury would not limit him during preparations for Sunday's game against the Dallas Cowboys.

"I'm fine," he said. "I'm fine, I'm playing, that's all."

And then he clubbed a baby seal and not even PETA was willing to get in his face about it, 'cuz he's so hardcore, you see.

Big Huge Mike Sellers really did add afterwards, per the article, that he wasn't even aware that the league had a rule preventing players from returning to games in which they were concussed. This because of recent scrutiny the league has received for its handling of concussed players, which goes to show how effective they've been at getting the word out to the, you know, actual players the rule affects. Unbelievably Sellers said this was the first concussion of his career, further confirming that he is really a metallic robot sent from the future to block for Clinton Portis. Rules shmules tried Sellers (emphasis added):

Teammates said the fullback was lucid on the sidelines -- "They asked him where his address was, he stated his address and everything," Ladell Betts said -- and Sellers said reports of his helmet being hidden to keep him from checking back in were not exaggerations.

"He was kind of in denial," tackle Todd Wade joked [nervously for fear that Sellers would hear and launch him into the sun]. "He was in denial that he took a lick."

So our coaching staff is large enough to govern nations, but you try managing a gameplan while also preventing a marauding Mike Sellers from entering the game against league rules through such sophisticated trickery as hiding his helmet.

If you're like me and want all Huge Mike Sellers all the time, enjoy some more Steinberg who pointed me to this (pre concussion give me my helmet or die) video:

But he's our crazy sumbitch.