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Todd Collins until...?

Until the end of this week, at least. Per the Post via Fanhouse:

Campbell's chances of being ready for [a first round playoff] game were, according to director of sports medicine Bubba Tyer, "50-50." The third-year pro continues to recuperate from a dislocated left kneecap suffered more than two weeks ago against the Chicago Bears. Gibbs lavished praise on Collins yesterday -- four times using the word "outstanding" to describe his play -- and said the team's decision-makers would not worry about sorting out any quarterback quandaries until Campbell is healthy.

"We'll face that when it comes to it; right now the way Todd's playing is awful impressive," Gibbs said. "I don't need to make that decision now; none of us do. We'll address that down the road."

That the words Joe Gibbs and "lavished praise" are so often connected tells me that the "outstanding" was just normal Joe Gibbs banter, but you simply cannot ignore how the man has played the past few weeks. Even when he struggled against the Giants we still managed to win, and he had an outstanding game against Chicago. Thanks to Collins we're in a position to just win rather than rely on a bunch of extrinsic nonsense like the Vikings and Saints losing. We win, we get a chance to do so once more. Elsewhere:
Indeed, Campbell and several other Redskins were still savoring Sunday night's 32-21 win over the Vikings. The team arrived home from Minneapolis around 4 in the morning, and Gibbs and his staff planned to work through the holiday formulating a game plan for Dallas.

"I'm gonna be buried here with all the coaches and that's not a pretty sight," Gibbs joked. "I know all of them eat ice and belch and everything else that's going on back there; it's not pretty."

Coaches working through the wee hours of the holiday, ignoring their families juggling their responsibilities just the right amount for the good of this team? Belching? Now it's my turn to get effusive: "Outstanding" very adequately describes that scene. Did you know, Todd Collings...
...hasn't thrown enough passes to qualify for the league's quarterback rankings, but among quarterbacks with at least 70 attempts, he has the third-best rating (behind Tom Brady and Jake Delhomme). Using the same guidelines, Collins would lead the NFL in yards-per-attempt, ranking directly ahead of Brady, Dallas's Tony Romo and Indianapolis's Peyton Manning.
This post is really an open question to reader(s): What has to happen for Jason Campbell to get his spot back? Justin had a diary on it that just scratched the surface, as I see many of you have feelings on both sides (that he should get it ASAP and that we should wait). As of this moment I tend to agree with TexSkins that you shouldn't lose your spot to injury, but then again Todd Collins is playing exceptional football. Do you play JC at 95%? What happens if Todd Collins has an amazing (or disturbing?) game against the Cowboys this weekend? Would that impact how soon Campbell should return?

I love Jason Campbell and I love the way Todd Collins has played. Having a tough decision between two capable quarterbacks is a great problem to have. That said, Coach gets this one wrong, and it could come back to haunt him and this team far beyond the end of this season. Count me among those who hate a quarterback controversy on the home front.