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Clinton Portis, best offensive player in the entire world (NFC) ever (this week)

Per the Official Site:

Clinton Portis has been named NFC Offensive Player of the Week for his performance in the Redskins' 32-21 victory over the Minnesota Vikings last Sunday.
Why? 126 total yards (76 rushing, 48 receiving) with a touchdown under must-win conditions. Oh yea, he also went 1 of 1 for 15 yards and a touchdown on a pass to Antwaan. Portis was a man on fire for the past two weeks helping the Redskins towards victory in quintessential Joe Gibbs fashion.

The Post takes a moment to honor both Portis and Moss (hat tipped to Blogging the Boys, where you should all go for Cowboys updates this week):

Inspired by the memory of former Redskins safety Sean Taylor, Moss and Portis have assumed more responsibility and leadership, many teammates said, since Taylor was killed by intruders last month in his Miami area home. Although the entire team has dedicated the season to Taylor, Moss and Portis have extra incentive to help the Redskins succeed because of the bond the three shared as players at the University of Miami.
Santana had a huge catch towards the end of the first half. With the Redskins leading just 9-0 Todd Collins launched a prayer to Moss, in single coverage, who simply beat the defender getting to the ball and fell back with it into the endzone. I've said it before and I'll continue saying it: there are a lot of things that Santana Moss does great, but his ability to judge where a ball in the air is going to land and adjust to it is unsurpassed in the National Football League. He has football radar on the back of his helmet and is agile enough to twist, squirm, and weasel his way to the ball. In single coverage, especially way down the field where he can take full advantage of his speed, he's as dangerous a target -- for different reasons, certainly -- as the most talented tall, possession receivers in the league. The ball does not have to be well thrown for him to come down with a reception. Portis explains why this team has managed to succeed when they needed it most in spite of all the adversity:
"Hard times . . . if it doesn't kill you it will make you stronger. I'm a true believer of that," Portis said. "Yeah, they could have packed it up a long time ago, [but] nobody packed it up. Nobody dropped their head [and said], 'Aw, man, why did this happen [to] us?' Injury after injury, you see guys still fight and still play. . . . You have a bunch of guys who won't give up."