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And we have a winner!

Congratulations to "SeanTaylorEatsBabies" for winning the inaugural season of the Hogs Haven Fantasy Football League, despite entering the playoffs with a lackluster 6-7 record.  All of the big dogs (paloffs, myself and Errant Paintballs) flopped, allowing Half Man Half Beast - the last seed in the playoffs with a 5-8 record - to come in second.

Final standings below the fold. right here:

  1. SeanTaylorEatsBabies 9-7
  2. Half Man Half Beasts 7-9
  3. paloffs 14-2
  4. Errant Paintballs 12-4
  5. SeanTaylorAteBabies 13-3
  6. Number Twenty One 9-7
  7. Brownskins 7-9
  8. 70 Chip 6-10