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Suspect in Sean Taylor murder wants to be more cooperative

Hat tip Sportz Assassin at Fanhouse on the latest development in the Sean Taylor murder trial. The attorney for suspect Venjah Hunte says his client is ready to sing:

The attorney for one of the four suspects charged with killing Washington Redskins star Sean Taylor said Friday he is talking with prosecutors about a plea agreement in which his client might testify against the other suspects.
As to what, exactly? The location of the murder weapon for one, which was allegedly thrown into the everglades wrapped in a sock. Hunte, through his lawyer, is saying that he had no idea they went into the house with a gun and that he was not in the house when Taylor was shot. I don't know how much assistance prosecutors need at this point since two confessions were already allegedly provided, but a murder weapon is lacking. Still, even if I knew the exact place where I launched a handgun wrapped in a sock into the Florida everglades and could reliably direct authorities to that spot, it's not clear that they'd find that gun anyways. I don't watch CSI:Miami, though, so maybe I'm way off on that.

That probably won't matter given the confessions. That said, for those of us hoping for swift justice, the willingness of even one of the alleged participants to cooperate with the investigation by turning against his alleged co-conspirators is good news in an otherwise tragic event. The sooner the Taylor family can reach closure through the courts the better, in my opinion.