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Sean Taylor's Game

The score and the game will be secondary to the large elephant in the room that, in all likelihood, everyone is talking about. Given what happened this week, today's game will be about Sean Taylor moreso than the Buffalo Bills vs. Your Washington Redskins. I hope the Redskins come out and do Sean Taylor justice, but, as Redskin Report points out:

...the Redskins could win by 35 or lose by 35 and I wouldn't be surprised. The only sure thing about this game is that it will be an emotional one and I expect the crowd to play a huge role in it.
And the Bills aren't going to roll over for us given that their playoff hopes are already at critical mass, damn near decided with a loss.

In any event, Ben has the right idea, which is why I'm not going to belabor the point. It should be an emotional game. Post your own thoughts in the comments section.