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LaRon Landry is crazy. LaRon Landry is awesome. LaRon Landry just does not care.

So spoketh teammate Reed Doughty (hat tipped to Ryan Wilson) at zee Bog:

"...he's crazy," Doughty said. "He's awesome. He doesn't care."
This prompted by LaRon Landry's mean fashion sense; after victory on Sunday night Dan Steinberg caught Landry in the locker room with a shirt announcing "Suicide Mission" to the world. Something tells me that Landry was being disingenuous -- it's the other poor bastard who is meant to die, not LaRon. Here come the quotes:
"He's crazy," [Defensive lineman Demetric] Evans said. "Be careful man."...

"Yup," he said. "I'm crazy. That's just the approach you have to have each and every game. Why not give it your all and leave it on the field? If you don't live up to that, why are you doing it?"

And that does enormous honor to Sean Taylor (receiving plenty of his own, deservedly so) who stated pretty much exactly that effect with this august quote from last August:
It's almost like we play a kid's game for a king's ransom, and if you don't take it seriously enough, one day you're going to say, 'Oh, I could have did this, or I could have did that.' " Taylor said. "I'll just say that I'm healthy right now, and I'm going into my fourth year, so why not do the best that I can? Whether it's eating right, whether it's training myself right, or whether it's studying harder. It's whatever I can do to better myself."
In all likelihood it is merely coincedence that LaRon Landry has a suicide mission shirt on the night of a HUGE win. Teams with "attitude" are typically the ones that win and it probably isn't the other way around. But you know what? There wasn't, so far as I can tell, a Suicide Mission t-shirt when we squandered a 1st half lead the last time we played the Giants, at home. And it was Landry knocking down Eli Manning's 3rd to last pass of the game to prevent the comeback on Sunday. I'll pretend that we won because of attitude and attribute it to Landry if only because it helps me look towards next week a bit more hopeful that this team has found a way to win and won't forget.