Sean Taylor Voted to be Probowl Starter

Update [2007-12-19 12:45:38 by Skin Patrol]: I hoped while knowing that Sean Taylor would be rightly recognized as the two-time Pro Bowler that he is. Hail to Sean Taylor who earned a spot in the Pro Bowl on time limited through no fault of his own. This was important to me. And others. Mister Irrelevant: Pro Bowl rosters have been announced, and, as a footnote to a tragedy, the Boom King is the peoples’ choice at free safety. I wonder if the NFC will play the game with 10 men on defense. I also wonder if Brian Moorman is freaking out right now. AOL Fanhouse: Just as the Redskins honored their fallen teammate in the first game after his death by playing with only 10 men on defense for the game's first play, the NFC Pro Bowl squad might similarly recognize Taylor. Hog Heaven: Taylor was the leading vote-getter at his position at the time of his death. The Redskins asked the league to keep Taylor’s name on the ballot. It is Taylor’s first full selection as a starter to the Pro Bowl. He was selected as an alternate last season. And The Curly R: It takes more than fan votes to get to Honolulu, that is only one third of the votes. Players and coaches each constitute a third of the voting. Sean's selection reflects the impact his loss and death has had on the league. I couldn't be happier, or prouder, as a fan. Congratulations to Sean Taylor.

Sean Taylor one of three redskins to make the probowl roster, and the only starter that is a redskin. Chris Cooley and Chris Samuels are on the roster as reserves.

I am glad to see that Sean Taylor was voted in and it was acknowledged, at least in that article, that Sean Taylor was voted in not just because of his tragic death, but because he deserved to be in the pro bowl on his own merits of play.

Hail to the Redskins!