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Open Thread: Redskins @ Giants

Marv won't be settled down and neither should we. He  says:

Hey, there is no settling down! This is blood for blood and by the gallon. These are the old days, the bad days, the all-or-nothing days. They're back! There's no choice left. And I'm ready for war.
I really like that quote, and now that the Redskins have arrived at win-or-go-home time (or virtually win-or-go-home time if there remains some mathematical possibility that we make the postseason with a loss) it speaks to the team. We cannot afford anymore losses. And we get a chance to win one in prime time, tonight, at 8:15 Eastern in New York, partly cloudy tonight with a high of 15 degrees.

Jason Campbell is out so Todd Collins gets his first start and 2nd action this regular season. Randle El is officially on the quarterback depth chart. The Saints already took care of business against the Cardinals so we're still waiting patiently for them to lose so that we can start playing with destiny in the right hands. Stiiiiiill waiting.

But that won't matter if we can't win tonight. Hopefully the the Giants will know for damn sure that they've been in a fight when all is said and done.

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