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Redskins @ Giants: We're doomed!

We're going to get pwned like a brick to the back of the head or so says people who know better than me. An ominously titled MSNBC article, Skins trying to keep playoff hopes alive vs. Giants tries to make it interesting by lieing, "However, the Giants realize beating the Redskins won't be easy..." even though it has apparently been quite easy. Source Bleacher Report reminds:

Tom Coughlin's team powered for
411 offensive yards here in 2006. Even more impressive has been Coughlin's ability to outscore the Redskins by average of almost 20 points per game--and holding the Skins to less than six.


 That cannot be right. Even so, Bennington Banner also appears to pick the Giants, even when they don't actually make picks:
Washington (6-7) at New York Giants (9-4)

The Giants are coming off wins in Chicago and Philadelphia, two teams ranked ahead of them in preseason predictions. They are only 3-3 at home, but have won six straight on the road.

The Redskins lost quarterback Jason Campbell with a knee injury last week when they ended a four-game losing streak by beating Chicago. They remain in the pack chasing the last NFC wild-card spot with Todd Collins, whose last start at QB was Dec. 14, 1997 for Buffalo.

"The way the NFC has gone this year, it's a lot of parity, so to speak," linebacker London Fletcher said, perhaps meaning "mediocrity" more than parity. "Where we are right now, having lost four consecutive games and to still be in consideration for a playoff spot, it's a good thing for us."

Grouchy me says maybe when London Fletcher uses the word parity he really means parity, you. Grumble grumble grumble. He might just be the best linebacker in the NFC; he's 3rd in tackles, 2nd in passes defensed, 2nd in interceptions, one of which he took to the house.

Stated differently: London Fletcher has earned the right to mean what he states.