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Maybe I sold out?

First off, this is funny.

Secondly, one of my favoritest websites frontpages a quote from one of my favoritest bands ever. It was years ago when I witnessed this brilliance but I believe it went something like:

Jason Newstead was part of Metallica around that moment in time when REALLY HARDCORE FANS MANG got all super pissed because Metallica like, cut their hair? I mean, what's up with that? Rebellion totally depends on long hair, dude.

I was too young to gather that point. My brother raised me on Metallica in the right kind of way, namely, he said enjoy the music and don't worry about all that superflous bullshit about the length of their hair, their corporate sponsorship, or the Napster nonsense that got everyone else so riled up. You know what? Heaven is the Black Album on repeat. That's all I know. Napster who? Kill 'Em All? That's just excessive.

We were talking about Jason Newstead... around that time when real fans had just about enough of Metallica going to barbers and enjoying the fruits of their labor -- which was totally selfish of them -- Jason said something like...

Yeah We Sold Out.
Dramatic, awesomely pregnant pause.
(Claps Hands) Every Seat In the House, Every Time We Play
This was the apex of my fansession with Metallica, as that moment of clever wordsmithery was every bit as impressive as the video for One, which still gives me nightmares (awesome nightmares!).

Where am I going? Maybe I also sold out.

So maybe one day some Reebok rep contacted me and offered me some free stuff and maybe I said I'd take it in exchange for communicating kind words on behalf of their product and maybe they shipped me a hoodie that maybe I kind of liked and maybe I told them I'd inform all 7 of my reader(s) that they could also purchase the goods or maybe I even offered to post pictures of NFL hoodies on my site while maybe pointing out that Reebok is the Official Outfitter of the NFL.

Yea, I sold out. But it was worth it. I got a free, awesome, immediately part of my gameday apparel hoodie and sacrificed credibility and edge that I never had in the first. I call that free merchandise, and that's what at least one lucky Hogs Haven reader(s) is still in the running for if they can just convince me of their dire need for a Redskins Encyclopedia (selling out is clearly not a habit for me). How does it feel to sell out for free shit? Warm, very very warm.

But I really hate myself for it.