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Week 1 of the Hogs Haven Fantasy Football League Playoffs

(#1) paloffs def. (#8) 70 Chip 128.40 to 107.57

No suprise here, other than 70 chip making this competitive... must have been a trap game?  paloffs Tom Brady has been dominant all season, which leaves us with the question: why does Belichick hate the HHFL?

(#7) Half Man Half Beasts def. (#2) SeanTaylorAteBabies 133.15 to 115.45

Interestingly, my 115.45 would have been enough points to beat Half Man Half Beasts weeks one through thirteen.  None of that matters now, as this is week fourteen, and HMHB's band of rag-tag misfits are playing for keeps.  (Jesus, did I really lose to a bunch of second- and third-stringers?)

(#5) SeanTaylorEatsBabies def. (#4) Number Twenty One 104.67 to 78.83

Sean Taylor versus Sean Taylor... Guess who won?

(#3) Errant Paintballs def. (#6) Brownskins 77.52 to 61.92

Errant Paintballs decided that the best way to ensure victory was to start a kicker.  Josh Brown scored 3 field goals and tapped in an extra point to make mince meat of the Brownskins.