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1 in 5 chance that the Redskins make the playoffs?

I kind of like them odds. But they aren't mine, they belong to Sports Club Stats. Ken from SCS emailed me and was wondering how to improve on the site so I figured I'd release the hounds (you) to go answer that question on my behalf. Their metric doesn't necessarily make much sense to me, but nothing makes much sense to me as I've spent the past few hours studying dutifully for final exams.

I don't know if this adds anything to the impressive discussion between Burgundy and Gold and zknower, but I'm nominating them as resident playoff scenario gurus from here on out, in charge of updating the rest of us on what's important to the Redskins. Blitzburgh is invited to join them, as he's been more optimistic about the Redskins playoffs hopes than even us actual Redskins fans.

1 in 5 ain't so bad.

UPDATE (zk): One thing is certain. We will not make the playoffs unless New Orleans loses a game. As I write this, they are pummeling Atlanta 31-7. Yes, I know, Atlanta sucks. But aside from cheering 'Skins victories, you need to root for Arizona, Philadelphia or Chicago to stuff the Saints in the next three weeks. Apparently, Drew Brees is not missing Reggie Bush at all.