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I hope your next few Sunday nights are free

I've got glorious demeaning, demoralizing, evaluative law school finals starting tomorrow so forgive me if I'm in absentia for the most part over the next few days/weeks/lifetime if I do really poorly and end up hanging myself in the closet. I'm kidding. Or am I? Post a prescient prediction on me not ending the pain and maybe I'll reward you with a Redskins Encyclopedia which reader(s), all 7 of you, have failed to earn through distinction. Other means of acquiring free copy include posting interesting diaries or comments.

Few things as I head into the abyss. First, X-Mas is coming up and the best gift is the gift of love. Naw, that is just Disney mickey mouse bullshit. The real best gift is the gift of Redskins Santa Clause. Nothing says I love you quite like Christmas keepsakes stuffed uncomfortably into a Redskin themed suit. Didn't you know Santa Claus was a Redskins fan? Maybe that's why the Eagles booed him.

There is still time to vote Sean Taylor into the Pro Bowl even though the Official Site doesn't tell you to do so. They say:

Among the Redskins having solid seasons so far are left tackle Chris Samuels, wide receiver Antwaan Randle El, tight end Chris Cooley, linebacker London Fletcher, defensive end Andre Carter and kick returner Rock Cartwright.
You forgot somebody, fellas.

Finally, per Redskins Insider:

The NFL just announced a change on the Dec. 23 Sunday night match. Evidently, Tampa Bay-San Fran doesn't float their boat any more and they've opted to move the Redskins' game in Minnesota to 8:15 p.m. So reset your clocks: this means the next two Sunday night games will feature the Redskins.
It is win or go home time for Your Washington Redskins and now most everyone will get a chance to see us win out on our way to an inspired Super Bowl victory.

Have a great week, with or without me.