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Blogger Deathsport Week 10

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We're all waiting for SP's breakout week.  Could it be this one?  History says no but my gut says... well, no.  Anyway, the games and my picks.  Skin Patrol's on the way (unless he disappears again) before the weekend.  Lines courtesy of Post Game Heroes.

Detroit at Arizona (-1): DET

Cincinnati at Baltimore (-4): BAL

Buffalo at Miami (+3): BUF

Atlanta at Carolina (-4): CAR (I gave my girlfriend the choice on this one.  Both teams suck, so I'm tempted to gtake the points.  But then again, CAR's at home and Cowboy castoff Matt Moore is slotted to start.  Rumors have it he's pretty good.  He struggles but they still win by a TD.)

Chicago at Oakland (+3.5): OAK

Dallas at NY Giants (+1.5): DAL

Minnesota at Green Bay (-6): GB

Indianapolis at San Diego (+3.5): IND

Denver at Kansas City (-3): KC

St. Louis at New Orleans (-11.5): NO

Cleveland at Pittsburgh (-9.5): CLE (I think PIT wins, but not by 10.)

Jacksonville at Tennessee (-4): JAX

Philadelphia at Washington (-3): WAS

San Francisco at Seattle (-10): SF

Some tough lines.