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That sounds about as fun as attending a [Falcons, Niners, Vikings, or Jets] game!

Congratulations are in order for FedEx Field, setting impressive low expectations for fans by ranking 28th among NFL stadiums in total "Fan Value Experience", which was scientifically measured by asking 17,000 fans to complain. Below the Redskins are only the Falcons, Niners, Vikings and Jets. The Jets fan experience isn't enjoyable?!?! I find that extremely difficult to believe.

Back to the Redskins.

Average Price Per Ticket  $79.13  
Price Range Of Tickets  $48.40-$128.90  
Ticket Availability  Games sold out since 1966
On a 10 point scale we rank 3 on Tickets, 5 on Food and Souvenirs, 3 on Accessibility, 7 on Tailgaiting (thanks exclusively to The DTC), 7 on Team, 6 on Stadium Atmosphere, 1 on Neighborhood, and thus 32 out of 70 total points overall. That sucks.

Because you totally get a much more accurate and thoughtful view of the total fan experience by looking exclusively at statistically less significant outliers, here are direct fan complaints from Neighborhood (1) and Tailgaiting (7). The good is really just a bunch of bad sandwiched by a few nice comments, bad here emphasized in bold because I'm cynical:

Despite the fact that "you are almost forced" to tailgate "because of the horrendous traffic getting into and out of the stadium" "it sometimes is the best part of the game" considering "the way the past decade has gone for the 'Skins." As stadium parking is limited to season-ticket holders, "the more your tickets cost, the closer you are to the stadium; the closer to the stadium you are, the more extravagant the tailgating becomes" as fans in "the satellite lots are scurrying to get to the stadium in time." For those who have time, the scene is "pretty good." "You can find [everything from] shrimp [that's the devil's food!] and wine to hot dogs and beer," and there is "lots of barbecuing." While many find this to be a "friendly" atmosphere "with good food and a common disdain for both [owner Daniel] Snyder and whomever the opponent happens to be," often "there is little interaction between [different] groups." "[Stadium personnel] won't let you spread out beyond your space; they patrol the lots and give you grief for a number of minor things." Bringing a bucket of chicken and a cooler [sometimes] is all you have room for." With sitting in traffic, "one of the few alternatives," fans have little choice but "to get there early and tailgate all day."
Solution to all these complaints: Drink more.

That won't cure the 'hood, though:

"You never get the sense of the neighborhood surrounding the stadium" since the facility is in "a sea of parking lots." Beyond the mile from which FedEx "has isolated itself" from the town of Landover are "low-to-middle class suburbs and a mega church ("on the road into the stadium"), which lends its parking spaces [to fans]." "There's absolutely nowhere to hang out before or after the game." Minus the Redskins, "the area would otherwise be a pass-through for anyone. Other than stopping for a bathroom break, I don't know of anything that would attract someone to the area who didn't already live there."
Sounds lovely.

The Packers won with 54 out of a total 70 points; click that link for the full list.