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Wow George

The Bog has an exciting link to an excited George Michael going absolute bat-shit on Brandon Lloyd. I thought it was so fantastically crazy that I felt like transcribing the entire thing; NUTS I say, absolutely nuts. (But we're all thinking it!) Link to the video here.

Here is my transcription. The parts in [brackets] [might] have been [added by me].

George Michael: You know Brandon Lloyd was not allowed to make the trip to New York. I take personal heat every week from guys [and I am going to kill all your mothers]. Brandon Lloyd I want you to pay attention to me please [because I'm fucking crazy, man]. This pass was for you, sir. This pass was to you. You made those catches all the time [but not really, maybe like, 25 percent of the time]. You haven't done it with the Redskins. You haven't earned your money. You blow[.] the meeting you don't show up and you don't get to make the trip. That pass should've been caught by you, Brandon Lloyd. They are paying you millions [on top of the millions you are already guaranteed]. Now look, I know that Gibbs told you go sit away come back another day [and to build something out of clay]. Now here's the deal, Brandon you have not earned a dollar since you've been here. So the way you apologize is, you come in tomorrow[... get out your fucking checkbook! (ATTENTION: this video is NSFW or anywhere, really, you was warned!)


you bring one million dollars[...


wha- I'm dead serious[, 'yotch]! You bring one million dollars to Joe Gibbs, you make it out to Redskins charity, you give the money back that you haven't earned. If you play well the rest of this year, you get the million back [which I guess we will take from whatever charity we gave the cool mil to]. If you don't play well, then leave town and go back to San Fransisco, but they don't want you out there [so I don't know why I can't make any sense]. Brandon, I take this personal [checks or cash] cause I love you so[, so] much and I've been so[, so] positive and I take hea[r]t [you <3 <3 <3 Brandon be my valentine]. Bring in a million tommorrow, beg Gibbs for forgiveness[, and your life]. If you don't, you don't belong on this team. Now then, for the next subject[, let's discuss where the shit my meds went].

Bugel: Woo hoo! Wow George. I'm gonna be on your side all the time, believe me.

George Michael: I'm mad. How much time I have, Bev?

Someone: Did you see the game last night, George?

George Michael: I'm mad. I'm furious cause you guys give me grief all the time cause I believe in him. Now earn your money, put up the money or hit the road... [END Transcript]

I love George Michael.