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The Redskins just made the Playoffs

Update [2007-11-8 16:45:55 by Skin Patrol]: Video of the entire interview is now up at Hiyo!!!!!
I can't get the pictures up yet but will update this post with them later.

Dan Steinberg reveals the greatest news of the season:

This is Choo-Choo. Something about him teaching Portis how to dance, and Moss how to dance, and Randle El how to dance. "I taught these boys how to dance," was the gist. A lot of it was unintelligible, and involved jerky dance-like demonstrations and third person referrals to "Clinton Portis," but hey, we'll take it. More on this breaking news later.
This story will have some legs. Until then, it suffices to say that Clinton Portis dressing up like "Choo-Choo" and acting in character definitely means we will make the playoffs this year. Story is also up at the Official Site, Mr. Irrelevant, Redskins Insider, AOL Fanhouse, and who knows where else. I'm late to the party.

Bottom line is that when Clinton Portis dressed to impress back in 2005, we went to the playoffs. And we weren't sitting nearly as good as we were now at 5-3. Thanks to MDS, linked above, here's the full list of Portis characters. Sherriff Gonna Getcha has leather balls.