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LaRon Landry... Pro Bowler?

Might as well just call this the LaRon Landry Haven, but I think there's a case to be made. Stay with me for a second: Hogs Haven lurker and Dallas fan Terry suggested which one of his Cowboys could make the Pro Bowl. Obviously I disagree with some of his suggestions (but not all), though the question was posed, by him, that maybe there weren't two strong safeties in the NFC as good as Roy Williams. I think there's more than two. I also think there might be one on the Redskins. Landry is currently third on the team in tackles, 2nd in the entire NFL among strong safeties, and first among defensive backs in the NFC; a healthy 14 tackles in front of Roy Williams. He also has 1.5 sacks, tied for second among strong safeties, and has a fumble recovery. I'm not accusing him of being a slam dunk contender for a trip to Hawaii just yet, but as the leading tackler with a substantial upside given how young he is, Landry needs to at least be in the conversation.

Now to Sean Taylor, who is damn near a lock for the Pro Bowl. He is tied for the most interceptions among conference DBs with 5 (tops for free safeties, obviously), ditto on passes defensed (14, tied with Anthony Henry), leads all NFC free safeties in return yards, and is fourth among NFC free safeties with 38 tackles. If he maintains this production, and there's a good chance even if he doesn't, Sean Taylor will be sipping Chi chis mixed with blood of virgins and dash of glass shards at the Prow Bowl in Hawaii.

No offense to Terry, and as I said I think there are going to be some Cowboys Pro Bowlers and he's identified a few, but if Roy Williams were a food, he'd be a double meat penis melt sandwich without any pickles; and pickles are good. I'd vote Landry.