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LaRon Landry is getting tons of love, I officially endorse his drafting

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Months ago when we were full into the drafting brouhaha, I near demanded that the team trade down or select a defensive linemen. The two names frequently cited were Jamaal Anderson and Gaines Adams who, combined, have 33 tackles, 1 forced fumble, and 1.5 sacks. By comparison, LaRon Landry has 57 tackles and... 1.5 sacks. The Redskins as a whole had their 20th sack against the Jets, now more than we had the entire 2006 season (19). At times this team has looked unsteady, but the defense has been unusually good given what happened last year. In no small portions does Landry deserve credit for that dramatic change.

And here it comes, first from's Gary Fitzgerald:

Landry finished with six tackles, one sack of Jets quarterback Kellen Clemens and one fumble recovery in the game that led to the Redskins' only touchdown of the game.
Good enough for Landry?
"I gave myself a C- or even a D," he said. "Some plays I could have made if I played better technique. I missed three, four tackles. It's never good enough for me."
I'm interested to see his A game, then, even if opposing offenses are not.

Jason Reid over at The Post jumps on the wagon too:

"He's what we thought we were going after in the draft," Coach Joe Gibbs said. "There are guys who come up here and say, 'Hey, I belong here. This is what I was meant to do.' He feels like he belongs."...

Last season, according to the Elias Sports Bureau, the Redskins were last in the NFL in average yards allowed per pass attempt, giving up an average of 6.91 yards. This season, they're third in the league with a 5.88-yard average, and Landry has helped to shore up the pass defense, [Coach] Gray said.

The truth is, the proper draft strategy is the one that turns a very bad defense into a feared one, and that's precisely what the Redskins did this year. Much credit is also due some other new additions, the return of Prioleau, Shawn Springs healthy, and newcomers to the D London Fletcher (FA), McIntosh (bench), and Anthony Montgomery (bench). But nothing is going to compel me to downplay Landry's role in our defensive transformation and the best is yet to come. This could very well be the best safety tandem in the league right now, and is surely a favorite for that honor in the near future -- solid at the safety position, indeed. Support Area 51; get your t-shirts now.