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Kids, when Mike Sellers asks you for candy, you better capitulate

So many levels of awesome in this video of Rock Cartwright and Mike Sellers trick-or-treating with the kids on Halloween:


Sellers: My sisters used to dress me up like a girl.

Sellers, to children: You guys have to give me half your candy, right?
Children, clearly terrified: Huh? But, I-I don't have any candy.
Sellers: I mean the candy you're going to get. You have to give me half.
Children, fearing for their lives: Nuh uh.
Sellers: Yuh huh.

Cartwright: Alright come on, we'll go out on the street where everybody is safe.

Unknown: Are you going to steal some from the kids?
Cartwright: Uhhh, yea. They gotta give me half their candy anyways. That's how it goes.

Child: Is that... Santana Moss?
Cartwright: Naw that's Khary Campbell. [ED: Maybe it was a costume, Rock?]

Sellers: That's how lazy athletes are, they drive around with [candy] in the car.

Sellers, at Jason Campbell's house at night on Halloween: Where's Jason at?
Woman who answered door, possibly Miss DC: He's at church.

Cartwright, reaching for kid: Watch out for the leg [of Carlos Rogers, injured]. You can't hit the leg. [ED: They look out for each other.]

Cannot say enough good things about both those guys. Mike Sellers and Rock Cartwright, Hogs Haven salutes you. Very cool stuff.