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Translating Coach Gibbs

The Deuce (hat tipped to With Leather) tells us what Coach Gibbs is really saying when he "whips out his"... cliches. I love Coach Gibbs and have actually grown to stop worrying and love the Fighting of Guts Out, but I think this accurately captures what that phrase typically means:

"Fight our guts out" = It was a really poorly called and executed game, but somehow we pulled that victory out of our collective asses.
That's what it means in victory because I've definitely heard Coach utter the gut out-fighting phrase after losses. What it means in losses I have not the foggiest. The other one your familiar with, and fans are as guilty of its overuse as our coach is, "Core Redskins":
"Core Redskins" = Players we have this year, that took a less money for some reason to stay loyal to the team (example: Ladell Betts), suckers!!!; or, players we have this year that we want to take a pay cut to stay on the team for no reason other than our messed up salary cap situation (example: Mark Brunell), SUCKERS!!!
I say overuse because the concept of core Redskins is tied to winning football games, and I am not certain you need core Redskins (whatever nebulous qualities that's supposed to describe) to win football games. Some of the best Redskins, London Fletcher for instance, were incapable of being "core Redskins" mere months ago in virtue of the fact that they weren't even Redskins.

But I will ask it nonetheless: Who is a core Redskin, reader(s)? If I had to pick, I'd say... Shazzam! (Actually I am not that crazy about Shazzam as a nickname. How about, Shaun... "The Yellow Dart" Suisham.)