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Shaun Suisham is now a DC sports icon

It happens that fast. You go from being a questionable kicker with an uncertain future to being a local stud by kicking 5 field goals (including the OT game winner) against the New York Jets. And by "local stud" I mean you have a shirt made with your new nickname plastered on it.

Witty t-shirts do not need witty comments, which is good, because I'm not funny

There's more, my personal favorite:


I really don't think kickers get enough love for their contribution on the field. It's so bad that they publicly question whether they're real football players; you wear the jersey, you kick the extra points, sometimes you pick fights with Carlos Rogers. Kickers, you're real football players. You even have your own wikipedia page, next comes the website. He still can't get nominated for cool weekly awards, though.That's only for the realest of football players. Shaun Suisham is, like, the realest football player ever.

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