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The Official Hogs Haven Weekly Power Rankings

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After a week off (call it our BYE week) the rankings are back.  No reason to delay... to the rankings.

  1. NE - They looked human and, more interesting, beatable for the first time.  But they got it done.
  2. IND - I can't fault them for losing to NE.  Plus, who else would be #3?
  3. PIT - Dominating performance against division rival BAL.
  4. DAL - Game 1 of the long term deal for Romo, another win.
  5. GB - They just keep getting it done and getting it done late.
  6. NYG - They've been coming on strong.  They have a chance to avenge a week 1 loss to DAL.  Big game for the NFC East.
  7. TEN - Vince looked healthy again.  Good news for Nashville.
  8. DET - 4 more wins and there will be a line for people to kiss Kitna's arse.
  9. CLE - Where did this team come from? 5-3?
  10. your WASHINGTON Redskins
  11. JAX
  12. TB
  13. NO - They look like they remembered how to play.  4 straight wins and being in that division.  Paint me a believer.
  14. KC - If Johnson is out long-term, they're in trouble.  Croyle is one bad Huard game away from getting his shot.
  15. CAR
  16. BAL - McNair looks bad.  Like retirement bad.
  17. SD - Norval looked surprised on the sidelines while watching AP run up and down the field.  Like he wished he had a good RB.  Wait...
  18. BUF - Quietly at .500.  The QBs are taking turns getting hurt.
  19. SEA - 4-4 puts them in 1st in that division.  Alexander looks like he's running with a purpose: to find a soft spot to lay down.  They look just bad enough to win that division.
  20. HOU - If they get healthy during the week off, they can make some noise again.  They're still a year or two away from becoming a very good team.
  21. MIN - They get the nod because they seem to be on the upswing.  AP is sicknastygood.
  22. PHI
  23. DEN
  24. CHI
  25. ARI
  26. OAK
  27. CIN
  28. ATL
  29. SF
  30. NYJ
  31. MIA
  32. STL
As always, let me know why your favorite team got slighted.