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Brandon Lloyd will remain a Redskin

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Had you asked me after the game whether Brandon Lloyd was going to remain a Redskin, I'd have agree with Ben that his time was short. I'd at least have expressed reservations about his future with the team. In case you didn't know:

Omnibus: Brandon Lloyd did not make the trip. It looks like Brandon did not read reader Tab's guest post suggesting Gary Clark might be able to help Brandon keep his head in the game. Last season Brandon did not play in game 15 and was inactive for game 16 with 'bronchitis.' Joe Gibbs may finally have had enough of the B-Lloyd Blues.
Not, actually, to my surprise. Per the Post:
Brandon Lloyd, prohibited from accompanying the Washington Redskins to their game Sunday because he missed a recent meeting, still is in the team's plans, Coach Joe Gibbs said yesterday.

"Brandon and I will talk things over and we'll go back to work," Gibbs said. "It was an incident that took place . . . and I felt that was the best option for us to take. Certainly it was a disappointment for us, and that's the way I tried to treat it. We're going to deal with it and move on."

Oddly what Ben suggested and what I'd agree with him on is that Coach Gibbs was going to deal with Brandon Lloyd precisely by cutting him loose. That is the obvious solution to a guy who can't see field, and Brandon Lloyd can't see field. Even when he does, though, he doesn't generate enough production to justify his salary.
The Redskins gave Lloyd $10 million in guaranteed bonuses. The five-year veteran is due a $1.8 million roster bonus in June.
I'm not even that bitter at Brandon Lloyd since it isn't his fault he got paid. It's apparent to me that he is either a) incapable or b) uninterested in playing for the Washington Redskins. In either event it is time to cut our losses and walk away, so long as we can do so and financially. There's no way I'd give him the 1.8M roster bonus in June.