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Fund for Sean's daughter

From the Official Site and Redskins Insider:

The Washington Redskins have announced the establishment of a trust fund to benefit Jackie, the 18-month-old daughter of slain safety Sean Taylor.

The Sean Taylor Memorial Trust Fund has been fully endorsed by Jackie Garcia, mother of Sean's daughter, and will guarantee the support and education of their only dependant.

The team and Owner Daniel M. Snyder have dedicated a minimum of $500,000 to the fund.

"Sean's father, Pete Taylor, and Jackie made it clear to me that their desire is for young Jackie to have every advantage Sean would have provided," Snyder said. "No one can ever replace him, but we can help ensure their wishes. It's the very least we all can do."

Donations to The Sean Taylor Memorial Trust Fund may be made to:

The Sean Taylor Memorial Fund
c/o The Washington Redskins
21300 Redskins Park Drive
Ashburn, VA  20147

I just thought reader(s) might be interested. Meet Jackie:

From ES