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Five Questions with a Rumbling Buffalo

You all know the drill. Go to Buffalo Rumblings to catch my answers to his questions. Brian at BR was incredibly patient with me in getting these questions to him and I am in his debt for that. Enjoy:

Hogs Haven: JP Losman or Trent Edwards (or Marshawn Lynch? Dude is 1 of 1 for 8 yards, a touchdown, and a 140 passer rating)?

Buffalo Rumblings: For the past couple of months I've steadfastly (read: maybe a little stubbornly) been on the Losman bandwagon.  I never thought he got a fair shake in Buffalo, so I figured he deserved this season to prove he has what it takes at this level.  But his development has been stunted since Day One here in Buffalo, and it became pretty apparent that Dick Jauron was leaning toward Edwards as his QB.  This was the right time to make the switch - we're 5-6, two games out of the final Wild Card spot and looking for a spark.  Maybe the rookie can provide it, maybe he can't - all we're sure of is that Losman was sparkless.  I think the kid's got it in him to pull off a couple wins here as the season winds down.

HH: On a scale of 1-Oh Shit how costly has the loss of Marshawn Lynch been? From what I gather, the dude was having a hell of a rookie season.

BR: If you can go past "oh shit", throw it up there.  I daresay that no running back in NFL (other than maybe Frank Gore) is as important to the cohesiveness of his offense than Lynch.  Never mind his 871 total yards - Marshawn currently has tallied all six of Buffalo's rushing touchdowns and 1 of the team's 5 passing touchdowns.  Yes, the Bills have scored 11 offensive touchdowns, and Lynch was directly involved with 7 of them.  Needless to say, with Lynch out of the lineup, we're missing our most explosive player.  With Lynch out, teams are able to double-team Lee Evans and let the likes of Josh Reed, Fred Jackson and Michael Gaines beat them.  Sounds scary, right?

HH: Given injuries to our own line, and I never thought I'd say this with too much conviction, I really do miss Derrick Dockery. How has he played so far? Ditto on Robert Royal, I like to check on former players.

BR: Dock is a good guard, but no, he has not lived up to his $49 million deal yet.  Buffalo still struggles along the line, and for the past few weeks Dock has been outperformed by Brad Butler, the right guard and a fifth-round pick last year.  All in all, he forms a very talented, athletic duo with Jason Peters on the left side of our line, and the longer they play together, the better they will ultimately become.

Does that mean you miss Royal?  You probably shouldn't, what with Chris Cooley being excellent and all.  Royal, due to injury, has had to change up his role a bit this year - due to his above-average run blocking skills, and with the loss of two starting H-Backs, the Bills have been forced to line Royal up in the backfield to block quite a bit.  As a result, he's being outperformed in the pass-catching department by Michael Gaines.  All in all I love Royal, however - he's energetic, a fantastic teammate and a leader in the locker room.

HH: 52-7, 56-10, functionally they're no different. I had to be coaxed off the ledge. How bad did it feel to get handled by the Patriots? It helps to get it out. I know exactly how you feel. What happened? Was it game plan? Execution? I found myself at a loss after the game to describe what went wrong, since there wasn't really anything that didn't. Was it any one thing or was it everything?

BR: Well, we've been getting handled by the Patriots for 8 years now, so unfortunately I'm getting used to that numb feeling you get after you play the Patriots.  What went wrong was that Tom Brady was playing, ultimately, against defenders that are third-stringers.  Did we really expect free safety George Wilson, a converted wideout, to cover Randy Moss?  John DiGiorgio to completely shut down Kyle Eckel? (OK, maybe I expected that one... Kyle Eckel, for God's sake.)  Buffalo was just overmatched, as is any team that faces the Pats this year, and our team is just too young and inexperienced to make any sort of run at a team like that.

I can't wait until Tom Brady retires.

HH: I guess it is fair game since you asked me about Coach Gibbs. Richard Jauron is 5-6 with just a 7-9 season in Buffalo behind him to brag on. You face Miami at home after this week, but then it is a mean streak against a surprisingly good Cleveland team on the road and closing out against the Giants and Eagles, two teams that have looked (at various times) very difficult to beat this season. Is Jauron back? What's the sentiment of Bills fans generally?

BR: At one point we were 5-4, but there's a very good chance we could finish 6-10.  Chalk that up, however, to the Bills just running out of steam after an energetic mid-portion of the season fueled by our scrappy reserves.  This team, ultimately, was too banged up with too many question marks (especially at quarterback) to seriously compete.  We think we've answered that quarterback question (fingers crossed), and the team is going to get healthy.  I believe that given the instability at QB, the injuries and the turmoil that's always created when a new coaching staff arrives as far as scheming goes, the fact that Jauron has this team near .500 to this point in his Bills career speaks volumes about him.  I really believe that he's finally the right coach to fix the Bills - he just needs a year or two more to get his house in order.  This team is on the right path.

Outstanding answers to some fairly unimpressive questions. My thanks against to Buffalo Rumblings for his patience and participation.