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Hall of Fame Semi-finalists announced

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Update [2007-11-29 22:39:51 by Skin Patrol]: Old news that I somehow missed, but praise baby Jeebus Dr. Z of Sports Illustrated has finally relented, per the Art Monk Hall of Fame Campaign quoting Dr. Z:
Where was I? Oh yeah, Art Monk. OK. He’s got my vote. D.C. e-mailers can mail their contributions to me, care of the office.
The AMFHOFC keeps track of voters, and by my count that makes it 18 definite yay! votes for Monk against just 3 definite no votes. Throw in Len Pasquarreli and Rich Gosselin, which makes 5. Nine kills a nomination.

We're getting closer, though.

Hat tip MDS at Fanhouse, the Pro Football Hall of Fame has announced its 26 semi-finalists (there was a tie for 25th).
Wide receiver Cris Carter and cornerback Darrell Green are the only first-year eligible players to make the list of 26 semi-finalists for the Pro Football Hall of Fame's Class of 2008.  The Hall of Fame's Board of Selectors chose the 26 semi-finalists from the recently announced list of 124 preliminary nominees.  The list includes one more than the required 25 since there was a tie for the twenty-fifth position.  Hall of Fame selection by-laws provide for the inclusion of all ties for the twenty-fifth position on the ballot.
Your Washington Redskins are:
  1. Darrell Green
  2. Art Monk
  3. Joe Jacoby
  4. Russ Grimm
  5. Do we claim Andre Reed of 2000? I don't.
Don't get too excited. While Darrell Green should be a first ballot Hall of Famer, and probably will, Art Monk and Russ Grimm/Joe Jacoby are routinely selected among the semi-finalists only to be Punk'd later.