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Football resumes

I tend to agree with Ben:

It's early and it's still all raw. Football does not go away and that does not disrespect Sean. Reed and LaRon, make us proud.
And it does go on, the Official Site tells us that practice resumed today:
One day after the shattering news of Sean Taylor's passing, the Redskins returned to practice on Wednesday to begin preparation for Sunday's game against Buffalo...

Defensive end Phillip Daniels held back tears as he talked about Taylor after practice.

He said it was tough to return to practice, but admitted that it helped to "get our minds off things."

"We know that if Sean were here, he would want us to practice and play hard," Daniels said. "The only thing we can give back to Sean is to go out there, play hard and do the things he would want us to do."

Some good news on an otherwise horrible week, Randy Thomas returned to practice:
Guard Randy Thomas returned to practice fully for the first time his tearing his triceps in Week 2. Thomas may need more than just this week of practice to get back - the Chicago game Dec. 7 has been a sort of target for him for a while - but this was a major step for him.
Randle El and Moss were limited, Griffin, Kendall, Thrash, and Sellers didn't practice.