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Dangerous People

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Two very frightening developments that need mention. I will do my best not to speculate though I think it is simple human nature to try and sort order out of a chaotic series of events. From both the Washington Post and the Miami Herald the word is that the attack was deliberate, per Vinny Cerrato, emphasis added:

After Monday's shooting, Taylor's girlfriend tried to call police from the house line, only to discover the line had been cut. She had to use her mobile phone to call 911, which delayed response time, said Redskins Vice President Vinny Cerrato.

''This was a deliberate attack,'' Cerrato said.

I don't know what the facts are, only what is reported, but what could be more terrifying than armed assailants deliberately and methodically entering your house with intention to do you harm? Also, per the Times, there is currently no evidence admitted by police that this was a burglary attempt.

Bram at Covering the Redskins has details from earlier in the week, emphasis added again:

It was the second time his home was broken into in less then 8 days..
Joe Gibbs said Taylor alerted him to an incident where his house was burglurized 8 days ago and went to Miami to work with the police and clean the place up.. A knife was reportedly found on his bed..

Taylor's lawyer and family friend Richard Sharpstein told us that he is not sure whether the incidents were coincidental, he also told us he turned over files from a case two years ago when Taylor's car was shot at after he attempted to retrieve stolen ATV vehicles.. Taylor was called a "victim" of the events that night by Sharpstein, but charges of felony aggravated assault were dropped to misdemeanors when a attention seeking D.A. was exposed.. Abd he admitted there could be a connection to the people who were involved in that incident calling them "very dangerous people."

No shit.

The good news is that Sean has shown substantial improvement as he's responded to Doctors through squeezing his hand and facial expressions. Hopefully I'll wake up tomorrow to news of an alive, awake, and coherent Taylor recovering from this horrible incident.  In the meantime, some alibis need to start getting established.

Please get well Sean. Hail.