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Six turnovers guarantee failure as Redskins lose to the Bucs 19-13

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The sirens sound and your commanding officer orders bayonets fixed. You shift through your gear as your fellow soldiers find their own bayonets or, at worst, a good spade worth using against the enemy. To your horror, you find only a spork! and realize that this isn't a fight you can win.

I dare you to come into my foxhole.

That's kind of what it's like when you turnover the ball 6 times; even if you play otherwise great football except for those six downs, you're still going to lose. It doesn't matter if you are playing Bruce Gradkowski. It doesn't matter that your defense heroicly holds the opposing team to under 200 yards of offense, and forces them to settle for 4 field goals. Your 400+ yards of offense, your 23:9 first down hegemony, and your 52% conversion on 3rd down (and two of those failures ended up being converted right after that) matter not if you cannot protect the football. That we were in the game late in the 4th quarter despite those six turnovers really says a lot about the Redskins. Or the Bucs.

Were the Bucs lucky to win this one? I'll give them all the credit in the world for being on top of footballs we dropped before any of the good guys could get there. And certainly they were no luckier than, karma watch, Your Washington Redskins were on 120 yards of total offense in victory against Tampa Bay in the playoffs a few seasons back.

It is simply too depressing to think about. This was a defining defeat. When victory was near necessary, when it was our time to prove that we were a legitimate playoff contender against a very mediocre looking Tampa Bay team, we folded like lawn chairs. TexSkins said it:

After 5 turnovers and a terrible 1st half... and with your team in position to score a winning TD, you can't make that pass.  You absolutely cannot turn the ball over in that position.
You can, actually, if you don't care about winning. And perhaps teams that have lost more football games than they've won, have scored 27 fewer points than they've yielded, and are morally opposed to protecting the football, really don't care that much about winning.

I'm overstating things because I'm so pissed about the loss; sometimes even when you snap the ball 82 times, there are only 6 truly consequential plays. This is now the 2nd game we've had to learn that the hard way. The other was against Green Bay, and to no one's surprise both them and the Bucs are ahead of us in the postseason hunt. Why should we have any reason to believe that we won't lose in the future, immediate or distant, in similar frustrating fashion? We dropped the ball.

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