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Happy birthday, Mr. Team President

I thought Wayne Campbell did it better, but whatever. Reliable source says Coach Gibbs turns 67 years young tomorrow. I don't think I've yet destroyed this website enough by posting an adorable i can has cheezburgers picture, so here goes. I won't blame you for not coming back.

Something witty.

So, happy birthday Coach, and here's to 67 more. Can I say, extension?

If the Redskins go 9-7, I think Joe comes back because, in his eyes, the jump from five wins to nine wins is sufficient progress and reason for hope. But then something would have to be done about his contract - he can't go into 2008 as a lame duck. I would guess The Danny would tack on a sixth season.
That's Ryan O'Halloran of the Times suggesting an additional year on Gibbs' contract even while the rest of us wonder if he'll even be back next year.  Whatever he decides to do, Hogs Haven wishes him a happy birthday celebration. Thanks to the Redskins History Database, did you know on his birfday Coach Gibbs has never lost a football game? The last time he coached on November 25th was waaaay back machine in 1984, when he stomped the Bills 41-14. The streak (1 game!!!!) continues tomorrow. Or else our world collapses.

Happy Birthday Coach.