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One step forward one step backwards

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Moving forward, hat tipped towards Redskin Report, the Washington Post sayeth:

Randy Thomas, the Washington Redskins' starting guard who tore his left triceps in the second game of the season, returned to practice yesterday for the first time since he was injured. His presence was a lift for his teammates, because 10 other players missed practice because of injuries or illness.
But while he dressed, Todd Wade (knee) and Pete Kendall (arthritic knee, no bologna) did not. That's pretty much been par for the course this season on our offensive line, as we've been without someone for its entirety. And yet, to the enormous credit of Joe Bugel and the replacements, the line has played admirably this season. I'd prefer a higher power success rate than 58% (24th in the league on third and fourth down with 2 or fewer yards to go), but the pass protection has been inspired. We are 7th in the league on adjusted sack percentage yielding to the pass rush on just 4.2% of our passing plays, compared to a league average of 6.5%.

Ladell Betts got "sick" and couldn't practice, just our luck. C-Griff had ankle issues, London Fletcher had a McRib injury, and the Post reports that James Thrash and Sean Taylor will both miss another week. Even assuming that Betts, Griff, and Fletcher all return, we'll likely be sans one of my favorite Redskins, Mike Sellers. Per the Official Site:

Sellers suffered a back injury earlier this week and he is listed as doubtful on the Redskins' Friday injury report.

The Redskins do not have a backup fullback on the roster, so the team signed 13-year veteran tight end Brian Kozlowski on Friday. Kozlowski has versatility to play H-back or fullback and could see action as a lead blocker against Tampa Bay.

No offense to Brian Kozlowski, but he can't replace Mike Sellers. We would have a true backup fullback except Nehemiah Broughton landed on injured reserve (knee ligament). It's been that kind of year.

The Sellers injury is especially unfortunate because it could prevent us from attacking the only true weakness of the Tampa Bay defense. Though they're the 8th best D in the league currently (depending on who you ask, they're also the 2nd stingiest point defense in the league), they are crying uncle to over 100 rushing yards per game. To their credit they are giving up just 3.7 YPC, and we're only moving at a 4.0 clip, and that is with Mike Sellers. Without him I haven't the foggiest what to expect.

In other words, get well Mike Sellers, and do so quickly.