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Happy Turkey Day

Redskins doing good, I spot Jason Campbell, Gregg Williams, Rock Cartwright, and I think Phillip Daniels? I'm going blind though.

Happy Thanksgiving to my reader(s), fellow bloggers, and football fans everywhere, who may or may not be watching Green Bay at Detroit, NY Jets at Dallas, or Indy at Atlanta. I'll be watching them all, with especial interest in the Detroit game. We probably won't be catching Green Bay any time soon in the standings and they have a tie breaker against us, anyways. We're only a game back on Detroit, howeva, should they lose today. Root against them. This was pointed out in a diary by Blitzburgh where he urges Redskins fans to chin up and get pumped about the season. Let me see what happens this week and I may just follow orders.

I'm going to go Give Thanks by eating turkey, if that makes sense. This is your gameday open thread, and I wish you and yours a fun, safe, and happy Thanksgiving.

Gobble gobble gobble HTTR