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Sean Taylor matters

To wit, from the Washington Times:

Without Taylor, Williams had to use a variety of coverages and personnel groupings to make up for Taylor's athleticism.

Without Taylor, he had to devise a game plan that would account for the inevitable mistakes by his young safeties.

Without Taylor, he had to figure out a way to pressure Tony Romo without leaving space downfield unaccounted for.

To wit, from The Redskin Report:
   Touchdowns allowed over 30 yards in the 8 games and 3 quarters that Sean Taylor has played this year: 1

    Touchdowns allowed over 30 yards in the 7 quarters since Sean Taylor has been hurt: 5

The Times also notes how successful we were blitzing in the first half though abandoned it in the 2nd, and that four man rushes accounted for the most damage done by Tony Romo.

Despite sitting out 7 quarters, Sean Taylor still leads all NFL Free Safeties in interceptions, interception yards, and passes defensed. Beyond the numbers, you can't replace Sean Taylor with Pierson Prioleau or Reed Doughty. But we will try to once more, because we have to:

Because Pierson Prioleau's snaps are always monitored because of his 2006 knee injury, it's expected Doughty again will get the start against the Bucs.