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We have 7 wide receivers

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Ten if you count injured reserve, where Mike Espy, Brandon Lloyd, and Steven Harris await recovery or cutting. The newest WR is Anthony Mix, signed yesterday. Emphasis is mine:

The Redskins have added first-year wide receiver Anthony Mix to the active roster, the team announced on Tuesday. The Redskins signed him off of the New York Giants' practice squad.

To make room for Mix, the Redskins released offensive lineman Rick DeMulling.

Mix, a tall, rangy receiver who stands at 6-5 and 235 pounds, played in the Giants' first four games, catching three passes for 39 yards. He was moved back to the Giants' practice squad in Week 5.

What the deuce, this man is large. [What is up with the Giants and large players? Brandon Jacobs? Check. Effing Jared Lorenzen weighs 800 pounds; I would watch every NYG game if he got the starting job, dude looks hilarious on the field. He's a cartoon character.] Mix isn't necessarily going to see much field or many catches, as Jimmy Farris (who is best friends with Terrell Owens, strange) isn't lighting things up yet, and we just promoted him. But Mix has a unique size and skill set that will allow him to make a difference besides just catching the ball, per Cindy at Redskins Insider:
The good news is that the Mix kid is big -- 6-5, 235. He can also play special teams, of course, and figures to do a lot of blocking in the jumbo package (a lot of the hitting that James Thrash did).
In other news, Keenan McCardell is 37 years young:
McCardell is the only player from that team, which won Super Bowl XXVI under Joe Gibbs, to still play in the NFL. McCardell was on injured reserve at the time, but learned the NFL game from veterans Art Monk, Gary Clark and Ricky Sanders.
That is cool.