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Chief Zee beat Joe Montana into the Hall of Fame

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Here's the video, which allows me to segue into another topic worth discussing: Dan Steinberg apparently hates me.

So there is a Chief Zee interview from a day ago on YouTube, where you'll learn, among other things, that Chief Zee is in the Hall of Fame representing Your Washington Redskins as the greatest fan in the game.

Additional video of Chief Zee available at The Bog opening with what I believe to be famous Redskins fan Blondie from Extreme Skins, who had a good looking tailgate going down at Texas Stadium that I neglected to show up to. I cannot believe I missed that.

I'm also pretty sure I missed Chief Zee at the game though I think I saw him for a fleeting moment. I commented to my girlfriend that Chief Zee just walked by which got me into a very civil discussion with a Cowboys fan at the game who had great reverance for the man; I offered my condolences for their loss of Crazy Ray. That those two great fans, with such divergent tastes in franchises, could get along so well is a solid story that makes me proud to be a fan of the game. Crazy Ray is missed.

Dan Steinberg also has some pictures from the game and confirms that there was indeed a Redskins started chant in Texas Stadium:

After the game I chatted with some Cowboys fans who noted, unprompted, how loud the Skins fans had been inside the stadium. People on the field said the "De-fense" chants, when Dallas had the ball, were very clearly audible. It struck me as a great showing, especially considering the circumstances.
What Mr. Steinberg doesn't have is an explanation for why yours truly can't get on T.V. or on the Bog even when I am at the same destination as the Bogger. My life dream has always been to become a Mongolian Warlord be on the Bog and now I feel even more like my Atlantis will always remain buried underneath the sea. You're a monster, Dan Steinberg, a monster.