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This space encourages rioting if Darrell Green doesn't get in the HoF first ballot

Or, if you really want to make a statement, Kill a Kitten. The always entertaining My Brain Says Rage takes on the Darrell Green HoF bid and makes a much more compelling case, with a healthy dose of expletives, than I've ever read elsewhere. To wit:

Green also currently ranks 18th in the all time interception totals with 54. That is a number that could have been far higher, except NO ONE threw at Darrell Green. You had to have been fucking nuts to throw at Darrell. Send them at Tom Carter, Todd Bowles, Cris Dishman or whoever the other CB was at the time, but don't throw at Darrell, at best it was a loss of down, at worst it was six the other way. I remember attending a Lions-Skins game in my younger years and watching the Lions just not even bother throwing a single ball to then superstar Herman Moore. He had Darrell up his ass, why bother?
That sounds really uncomfortable.

He is a freak of nature and an NFL Legend. Hail to Darrell Green: