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Marcus Washington questionable for Jets game

Per Redskins Insider:

Marcus "came up a little sore" Coach Joe said and did not practice today. The LB has been downgraded to questionable and the coach did not seem all that optimisitic that he would be able to play due to a lingering hamstring problem...

Marcus played sparingly in last week's loss after missing two games and practiced hard Thursday and was bracing for a full role back in the base defense before this setback.

Speaking of hamstrings, Jason also mentions that Smoot has been limited by one and now James Thrash is also missing practice... due to his hamstring. Something is amiss with the Redskins medical staff, or the conditioning, or the practice regiment. At some point I stop listening to people blaming merely bad luck, and start listening to the wiser words of the great American essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson:
Shallow men believe in luck.  Strong men believe in cause and effect.
Hamstrings don't pull themselves.