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Antwaan Randle El is the bong

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You're gettin' air from there man. It's no good. You see this? It's got to be tight. You're gunna have to put some gum around the base of that if you want to get a good hit man.

Disclaimer disclaims that Randle El is not here holding a bong, nor is he doing anything of the remotest level of scandal. Quite the opposite: He's helping kids, and that is a good thing. Huge congrats to both Antwaan Randle El for his contribution to this worthwhile event and to Riggo's Rag for scoring the interview. The skinny:

On Tuesday, Redskins receiver Antwaan Randle El joined 150 volunteers including 70 Home Depot employees on their day off to help build a new playground for the General Heiser Boys & Girls Club in DC.  The build was part of the National Neighborhood MVP Program  sponsored by Home Depot in partnership with Kaboom! Home Depot selected Antwaan to be one of only 17 NFL players to be named a neighborhood MVP because of his work with his foundation, the El Foundation.
For more information, please visit Kaboom. And here's how you make a difference:
Starting on Thanksgiving weekend, Redskins fans will have the opportunity to help Antwaan give back even more to the District.  That is when Home Depot will open up the voting for Neighborhood MVP of the Year.  The winner will be selected by online voting ( and will receive $25,000 dollars for the charity of his choice.
As soon as that vote is available, I'll post a link on the front page here for you to perform your civic duty. Antwaan plans on contributing his winning 25K to The EL Foundation which raises awareness for the oft-ignored letter 'L', sandwiched right about the middle of the alphabet stands for E.verlasting L.ove, mission statement:
We strive to provide life-changing opportunities for underserved children and their families across the country.  Grants focus on providing basic necessities such as housing, food, clothing, and unique athletic recreational opportunities to help develop exceptional and successful young men and women. Special emphasis on the greater Chicago and Washington D.C. areas.
Donation information can be found here and reader(s) are encouraged to give, give, and give.