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Postgame quick thoughts, Redskins lose to Cowboys 28-23, but looked damn fine doing so

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I have been driving for hours and am minutes from falling asleep, which will happen seconds after my head hits the pillow. A more thorough investigation of the game is pending tomorrow. First and foremost I want to thank Ben for pimping Hogs Haven with an open thread which he somehow found the time to do even while making sure he had an open thread as well. He also has already recapped the game which makes him some kind of superblogger, at least compared to me. My hat is off. (I also apologize for not getting my picks in; I suck.)

I was actually at the game in Texas Stadium, arriving at around noon. It has been a long day, an emotionally draining day, but very entertaining. I'll discuss at greater length the team's performance tomorrow, but let me say that I was very pleased with the way the team played even if we couldn't sneak out a victory. The Cowboys are a very good team right now and we played them close, despite injuries. Jason Campbell looked sharp as a samurai sword as well. I don't like losing but I don't like watching my team play poorly, either. The only thing that pissed me off to no end was our inability to stop/cover/tackle Terrell Owens. But I'm too tired to discuss that right now.

More on the morrow. Hail to the Redskins and the best fans on the planet; we were outstandingly represented at the game.