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Jimmy Farris is the answer

although I have no idea what the question is. What I do know is that the Brandon Lloyd signing looks as questionable now as it ever has, and that's saying a lot. Anyways:

The Redskins have signed wide receiver Jimmy Farris to replace Brandon Lloyd on the roster, the team announced on Thursday.

Lloyd was placed on injured reserve with a fractured right clavicle. He suffered the injury in practice on Wednesday.

There is not much to celebrate here as Farris was brought in exclusively because we're so destroyed at the receiver position. But there's at least one thing Farris can do that Lloyd didn't, couldn't, or wouldn't, and that is special teams coverage. So fear not that we're replacing one receiver who can't catch with another who maybe can't (but won't really get many chances to anyways, more than likely) but can at least tackle.

Here's another one for you... As of this moment Brandon Lloyd has caught 25 consecutive footballs without entering the endzone. Jimmy Farris has only caught 7 passes in his career, but two of those were touchdowns. [Granted, they were both in 2003.]

Let's get for serious if only momentarily. Jimmy Farris is white, although you needn't see a picture of him to know that. Gary Fitzgerald at the Official Site describes Farris as a "high-effort and gritty player". The latter distinction is the language of the oppressors!!!! As Every Day Should Be Saturday and later the Caucasian Wide Receivers of America pointed out, "gritty" is precisely the kind of language that kills careers of otherwise talented wide receivers (because they're white!). From EDSBS:

The list of terms used to describe wide receivers included:

-"Posession receiver"

-"Team player"

-"Not the most talented guy in the world"

-"Deceptive speed"


-"Slow-ass, tiny-penised, Bass Pro Shop sticker-havin' cracker zombie"

"Gritty, team player"

When you hear that, white wide receivers, you are being labeled. You are being oppressed! Don't let them--the pundits, the writers, the announcers--do that to you!">

It's just not fair.